It Takes More Energy To Pretend “To Be” Then It Does To Just “Be”.

It’s 5:00 am. My weights are racked. I’m warmed up. I’ve got my playlist started, but I don’t really hear the music.

Cutting through music is the sound of one guys voice talking away on his cell phone. Yapping away about his job, a girl he went on a date with, and a bunch of other crap I didn’t need to hear about.

The guy looked the part of a fit guy. He had on gym shorts, under armor top, weight belt. His weights were racked on the bench, but he only did 3 sets on the bench in the same amount of time it took me to do my whole workout.

The show he put on once he did lift his weights was epic! There was a lot of deep breathes, loud grunting and just overall show of “power” on his part by doing his lifts.

I tried to drowned him out. Ignore him. The more I heard him talk on his phone, or to anyone that would listen, the more pissed I got. Did he come here to workout or to put on a show of someone who works out?

What a poser!

As that last thought left my mind it circled back around and slapped me right in the face.

For the past 8 years, I was the guy. I was pretending to be something I wasn’t. I pretended to be a great boyfriend, now husband. I pretended to be a smart entrepreneur. I pretended to be a great friend.

I spent all of my time talking about the great things I was going to do for my wife, my business and my friends, but I didn’t take action.

Sure I looked the part. I made sure to say the right things to my wife, especially when we were with others. I made promises I didn’t keep not only to her and my friends, but also to myself.

This pretending led to a lot of fights with my wife. It lead to no new, deep conversations with my friends because I was still talking about the same stuff I was talking a year before.

Nothing changed.

As I watched Mr. Gym Guy pace around the gym and talk a good game I realized that

It takes more energy to pretend “to be” then it does to just “be”.

For so many years, I took no action. Not because I didn’t know what I was doing, but because I didn’t have the energy. The idea of doing all those things I talked about just simply exhausted me.

The truth of the matter is that doing the work wasn’t exhausting. I was exhausted from all of the pretending. All of the talking and posing sucked the energy right out of me so when it came time to take action I was too tired.

It wasn’t until I stopped talk and started doing that I realized that it took a lot less energy to do the work, then it does to talk about doing the work.

Not only does it take less energy, but doing the work generated power for myself that I never knew existed.

When you start doing. You start getting results. Results create power to do more, to be more. Each action builds on the last you begin to grow and expand into the person you wanted to be all along.

So thank you Mr. Gym Rat. Mr. Poser for the reminder of a life I will never return to.

If thought of going after your dream is too exhausting, stop talking about it and choose one small action you can take to move toward your dream and start doing.

Once you start doing, you won’t stop.