We’re doing great

Coaching and advising people about fitness, health and nutrition is something I love. I’m incredibly grateful to find myself in this role, working with amazing people. The wide diversity of members I get to guide presents challenges and opportunities for reflection within myself. This is one of those times.

Giving advice and setting standards for food and health enables everyone to be on the same page. Food provides the base that facilitates excellent health in all areas — fitness, longevity, mental and physical performance. When followed with consistency, fine-tuning and individualizing can occur. We are all on an individual journey of self-discovery around food — what makes us feel confident, energetic and full of life. This conscious process is all about fostering a healthy relationship with our food, exercise and mindset. I find this is best achieved through education, empowerment and experimentation.

In my role as a coach, it is not my place to force anyone to do anything. I cannot lift the weights or do the movement for my clients. Likewise, I cannot prepare (or eat!) their food. I am here to reflect and to remind, that is all.

Occasionally my members apologize to me for a food choice they made over the weekend. It is not my place to judge or to be a strict parent-teacher or anything like that. All I aim to do is remind them of their goal, and to potentially question whether they are in alignment.


Life is not a relentless pursuit of excellent health. Excellent health is a foundation, but another part of that foundation is a satisfied, balanced mental space & enjoying and experiencing what we want from our time here.

Whatever that ratio is for each of us is individual and changes with our priorities. 80:20, 90–10, 95–5. Doing the best we can 80% of the time provides excellent results and means we can enjoy that glass of red wine and popcorn with movie night, or whatever it is!

So back to my imaginary client, it is not an apology to me, but an apology to herself. Realizing that we have it in our power to hold ourselves to whatever standards we like is a HUGE breakthrough.

My time training with Enterprise Fitness, in Richmond, gave me this breakthrough. If we want to improve our physique, but continue to eat fast food, or drink excessively, we haven’t changed who we are or what we are doing, so what we’ve got will not change. In this life, we get what we tolerate.

There’s no reason to apologize to me, or your friend or yourself, we are all doing the best we can to figure this life out. Be intentional and present, and continue to take one small step at a time. You’re doing great.