Mile Markers.

Hurry hurry hurry.

Through this life, we go

Today, tomorrow, and forever,

Faster, slower, or never.

Happy Happy Happy

Through this life, we try.

Milestones and landmarkers.

Goods and bads in passing

Groans and giggles in motions

Forward and backward you go.

Milestones and landmarkers.

People say, slow down

It’s not the destination, Bro,

It’s the journey that matters.

But what about Heaven?

At journey’s end, Man,

Is that the destination?

We bide our time to get there

Too soon/how sad/not soon enough.

But I wonder, loudly, blindly, boldly,

Are there mile markers in paradise?

Or do you really, Rest In Peace?

Happy Happy Happy.

At last, long last, Longer last,

forever lasting, forever more.

Happy you go, through that Door.

Yeah, there, past that Happy Door.

Into that Party, Forever More.

It’s ready when you are. Not yet tho.

Love where you are, and love it all.

Love where you are, till it’s gone.

Happy happy happy, or not

Hurry hurry hurry, or not.

That light ahead is your day waiting.

Waiting for whatever you want.

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