How To Tell If You’re A Racist. A Test.
Elizabeth Grattan

I am assuming that this article is meant as ironic because everybody is racist or classist to some extent. In 1953 Tom Lehrer, the brilliant professor of mathematics and music, wrote comedy a song called “National Brotherhood Week” that sums it up in a humorous but blunt way. Other’s have been less heavy handed. The movie Crash was based around the concept that we are all racists/classists and many other modes of entertainment have expressed the same position. From the Greek treatment of non-Greeks in the classical period, the Roman treatment of conquered peoples without a written language (barbarians), The Holy Wars of the Crusades and Suleiman the Great, The great nations of Europe’s treatment of all the people they subjugated in the name of commerce colonialism, the historical treatment of the poor by the rich and powerful and so on to today. Mistrust and demonization of the “other” is a common as dirt and where there truly is no “other” then one will be invented as the bag test plainly showed. The issue is not black and white but comes in so many shades it is difficult to discern where it begins though plain to see when it concerns you or your friends. Please pardon the introduction of religion into this argument as religion has been much of the breeding ground zero for this type of lazy knee jerk belief but this is part of what Christians mean when we say we are living in a fallen world. This will never change and will always exist as it has always existed though certain aspects will become less apparent as we seek deeper holes and more carefully chosen language to disguise our prejudices from ourselves and others.

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