Archive Fever
Rex Sorgatz

I used to be a collector. I wised up.

Did I enjoy music, or did I enjoy the process of getting the music?

I enjoyed the music, but I disliked keeping up with the artifacts: spending so much money to keep the temperature regulated, constantly cleaning and preserving so it would look nice. When I completed a collection, the question was always “now what?” With the internet, the chase became too easy. Just keep it on a want-list and it would show up eventually, for too high of a price. So I digitized like mad, and then liquidated.

Nowadays I enjoy music much more because I now shuffle the entire library and just listen. I no longer have obsession with anything other than the sound coming through the air. I don’t much care what I’m listening to; the transition from one item to the next is now the interest, and it has been going strong for over 10 years.

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