Purdue Hackers 2016

A brief reflection of our direction and state

Three years ago a few Purdue computer engineering students attended the inaugural MHacks. They witnessed a culture unlike anything that existed at Purdue. These students caught the hacker bug and created a new organization, Purdue Hackers, with a goal to pull together and join the inner crazies in all of us. Fast forward to today.

Purdue Hackers is now one of the largest and most influential student organizations on campus.

2015 callout

In the past year alone we hosted, promoted, and attended over 28 events, grew our online community to 878 members, created a one of a kind mentorship program (Ignite the Flame), won 3rd place in Major League Hacking’s rankings for attending and winning at hackathons, and have advised other schools on how to replicate what we have done.

Whether you’ve come to an event, joined in on conversations, or attended a hackathon, I want to thank everyone for being a part of our incredible group.

I’ve been honored to act as your President and am excited to announce our 4th generation of leadership:

President — Nicole
Director of Communications — Dhruv
Treasurer — Shriyash 
Organizers — Akhil, Ankit, Audrey, Ben, Evan, Guocheng, Harris, Kelly, Myself, Mason, Roy, Usmann, Will J., Will H., Yash

We’re always looking for new ways to improve. If you want to get involved shoot us a message and come to our open meetings Wednesdays @ 5:30 in LWSN B146.