Free Love Could Mean Several Things
Stephanie Hoang

My first thought of the title “Free Love” was thinking of the late 1960’s. Picture it: San Francisco’s Haight district, peace signs on every tie-dyed t-shirt, the air is filled with a mixture of the sweet smell of incense and the foul dark scent of Mary Jane, and love knows no bounds. But it appears to me that the narrator had a different meaning for the title. I believe that while the narrator loved Jackie, she will always remember her first time “making love” with Suzi. It was then that she learned “the first time should always be free” (4). In my opinion, the narrator seems to be using “free” in the monetary sense, since she knows that Suzi’s time will require great expense. And in the last line, the narrator tells us her wallet is “full of clean new notes” (9).

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