Donald Trump Is Right About Obama and ISIS
Nicholas Grossman

GXOrlando: You’re guilty of the same thing you’re accusing Nick of. Your argument is way to simple, and it also fundamentally misunderstands the economics of oil exploration. Most of the off-shore energy we get comes from Canada and Mexico. And, with the advent of fracking, we’ve become a net energy exporter.

Prospecting for oil in the ocean is an expensive and risky business. Given the price of oil and the projected price of oil in the years to come, off-shore drilling is not economical.

There’s little doubt that energy played a role in our engagement with the middle east over the last 40–50 years, but there are a lot of other reasons we have been there. Under GWB, the idea was that if we could transform Iraq into a Jeffersonian democracy, peace in the whole region wouldn’t be far behind. GWB thought he had a crisis he could use to prevent a powder keg from exploding. Unfortunately, in his administration, they liked to leap before they looked.

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