Building an Online Presence with AI in 2023 — LinkedIn Articles, Metrics and Obstacles

Martyn Garcia
4 min readJun 9, 2023

I believe AI can be a powerful positive transformational force for the world. That’s why I started the AI consulting and product company, 255LABS, where I help businesses implement practical AI solutions. However building my online presence is not easy. Initially I face two challenges: communicating effectively and reaching a wide audience. In this article, I’ll share how I am overcoming these challenges with the help of AI tools and platforms, such as ChatGPT, Bing, Anthropic Claude, and more.

Statistics for LinkedIn profile martyngarcia showing 1,868 impressions for 4 articles over the course of around 2 weeks. Previously the profile was set to private and had no impressions at all.
LinkedIn content performance for after writing 4 articles.

In building an online presence the first issue I needed to improve was communication. With a background in coding, I was more adept at communicating with precise and logic-driven computers, better with Turing machines than with people. By leveraging AI I have started to significantly improve my writing.

The second challenge I faced was out of my control. Despite spending time on my LinkedIn profile and on articles, searching for my name autocorrects to a mispelling of it. Additionally my LinkedIn page and articles have not yet been made visible on Google search results.

Instead of giving in to frustration, I consulted ChatGPT on ways to improve my situation. It suggested writing on Medium, exploring other platforms, and, importantly, exercising patience. Building an online presence takes time it told me.

In the meantime I build and write. Luckily I have a lot to share. My understanding of these technologies is deeper than most — I’ve worked with GANs in Tensorflow 1.0 and Pytorch, even written autoregressive training and sampling code. I have extensively used various AI models and even created some of my own. I enjoy reading technical whitepapers and implementing open-source research. However, I believe you don’t need to have these technical skills to leverage AI to improve your life.

When Prometheus gave fire to humanity he also had to show them how to use it. Cooking and pottery, lighting and heating, woodworking and metalworks, like fire AI can be a similar gift for humanity. But we need to learn and teach the tools that allow us to tap into its potential. It can improve our lives in countless ways if we understand how to use it effectively.

This is why I decided to share how I use AI and what I’ve figured out so far.

Article 1: The Ultimate ChatGPT4 Daily Scheduler

One of the prompts that I created with ChatGPT is a daily scheduler that helps me reflect on every day. You can try it out here:

This prompt has been the single most effective ChatGPT prompt in my life because:

  • It starts my day AI-first
  • It helps me plan my day in advance and prioritize my tasks
  • It reminds me of my goals and high level objectives
  • It encourages me to review my progress and achievements
  • It offers new actionable insights every time

Article 2: Improving daily standup with Anthropic Claude

In this piece I share how Claude, an AI tool integrated with a Slack integration, has transformed my daily standup productivity workflow. This article ties into using the first.

Article 3: Using Bing to help create content online

Bing has helped me become a much better writer and communicator. It turns out that communicating with Bing and communicating with humans, while different, share a lot more commonalities than writing code. I use Bing everyday for proofreading, creative writing, second opinions and more. In the article I outline a process for building a LinkedIn article with Bing. But this technique is general and I’ve also used in this article.

Article 4: State-of-the-art text-to-image for logo generation with StabilityAI’s DeepFloyd IF and

For the fourth article I created a custom runpod so that people can create cost-effective logos with state-of-the-art text-to-image AI. I also built an open source simple DeepFloyd IF server for this. With my cofounders help we got the price of logo generation down to $0.0035 a logo candidate, which is based on the price of compute and will likely fall further.

In conclusion, AI has helped me significantly, and I wish to create an online presence to share what I know. I use many AI tools on a daily basis — ChatGPT, Bing, Anthropic Claude, and more.

I encourage you to try out these tools and platforms for yourself. You will be amazed by what they can do for you and your business. And if your team needs any help or guidance along the way we offer consulting through 255LABS with special considerations for startups and small businesses. You can check out our website here:

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you found it useful and interesting. If you did, please share it with someone who might benefit from it. And don’t forget to follow me here and on LinkedIn for more AI focused articles.