Many people believe that whatever happens in life happens for a reason, that it’s destiny. However, I’m not that type of person, I think that things happen by choice, not by destiny. You create your own destiny through the choices you make . I lost some and i gained some as a result of choice. People will choose to place all of their mistakes on you, but what they don’t understand is the power of choice. It is choice that makes us the people we are today, and that can make our destiny either better or worse.You could compare choice with destiny or fate, however it is the choices that are made that make our destiny either better or worse.The choices we make aren’t always the best ones, but when the right choices are made it can make a big impact on you and others.The important thing to remember about choices is that you can’t let other people make them for you. You should follow your heart but take your brain with you on that journey as well. I bet all of you are thinking that I’m talking about love and relationships. Believe me i’m not. I’m talking about life in general, don’t let what other people say affect the choices you make. That way you can’t say that the choice you made is yours. Its someone else’s.

Don’t let them change you if it’s not your choice that changes you.