No More Lying to Yourself

No more lying to yourself. Be honest to yourself. You will feel happy only then when you’re in complete honesty. Don’t lie about what you want to achieve during your lifetime. Don’t lie about what you want to become. Be you. Find your strengths, find what you love. Find the pure truth about you. That’s the truth you need to know about yourself. When you will realize that it’s you who is preventing you from being happy, from being successful, then you will feel free. You’ll be fulfilled, satisfied and happy with your life. It all comes to you. It’s all up to you.

I started my journey in 7th or 8th grade, when I realized that I was the one who is deciding my future, that I’m shaping myself to become who I want to become. I realized how education system works and what kind of people get out of there. I didn’t like that picture so I started to fight — I started to read self education books, I started to go to various seminars, events while I was still in school. I didn’t give any shit about school or any sort of academic education at all. I was trying to figure out myself, what made me tick, what did motivate me and where I was strong at. It seemed to me that being a business man, an investor, a cold minded corporate person was that place where I belong. So I focused all on that — I started to learn how the investment system work, started to learn how to run a business, how various marketing, sales, HR processes work. I joined AIESEC organization while being a freshman in University. There I started to experience all of those activities for myself. I figured out how a business organization works, how to do processes from the ground level all the way to the strategical point of view. Now, in the current events, I realized that I’m not that person that I’ve imagined myself all the way back in school. I was working towards a goal which now I figured is not for me. I lied to myself, I was lying to me, my environment that I am cold minded, corporate business man who does the work and doesn’t care about anything else. I was so wrong. But now, when I got all of this sorted out — I am reborn again. I feel strong about myself. During this journey I gained self awareness, I got to figure out some of my strengths, some of my weaknesses and I can focus now on that. I am absolutely not regretting any of what happened in these 7 years.

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