Since many folks have asked me about the trip. I will post a series of posts about my experience from November 27- December 4th in Cuba. And who knows (not me), maybe this will be the beginning of me posting about my adventures.

The purpose of the trip was truly focused on learning and understanding the healthcare system in Cuba. Our entire trip became enveloped around the very historic moment of Fidel Castro’s death and the nine day mourning period that followed.

Although we missed most of the music that is so central to Cuban culture, we had a fascinating experience during a very critical time for the Cuban people. For me, personally, it was a week of deep reflection. Coming originally from a country with a Communist background, I was very struck by the impact of the political system and its impacts as well as the opportunities of the United States (further thoughts will be shared in future posts).

My blog posts will included:

  1. Postings with photos around the itinerary
  2. Additional categories and experiences such as the Fidel Memorial
  3. Readings (around the healthcare system) and books about Cuba for those interested in additional context and reading
  4. Feedback, stories, and quotes from additional group members


November 26th- Arrival in Miami, Welcome Reception with Harvard, and experiences in Little Havana in Miami

November 27th- Departure to Havana, welcome lunch, and city tour of Old Havana (at night)

November 28th- Primary Care in Health: Experiencing the Polyclinic, lunch, and the National Public Health System/Maternal Health Program

November 29th- Understanding Tertiary Medicine: Visit to a Pediatric Cardiac Center, lunch, internal debriefing session, Fidel memorial.

November 30th- Travel to Matanzas, experience of the Fidel Caravan procession throughout the country, session on the province structure of healthcare, The National Maternal Child Health program, lunch, and the Elderly day care.

December 1st- Mental Health in local communities, lunch, and HIV/AIDS Prevention Clinic.

December 2nd Travel back to Havana. Understanding Local foods (visit to an organic farm), lunch and the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM).

December 3rd- “Community project” and free afternoon.

December 4th- Departure back to Miami.

Please note, this is a subjective post, based on my experiences and that of the group that I was with. Although I traveled with the Harvard Chan School of Public Health Alumni Association, these posts are my individual experiences and do not reflect the position of Harvard or anyone other than myself.

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