6 Skills Escape Games Help Improving

I have been recently a bit ‘tired’ of board and video games, therefore decided to look out for some other interesting alternatives where I could put my curiosity and creative thinking to the test. I decided to try ‘escape room’ games.

  • What is an escape room game you may ask? An escape room is a physical game in which players are locked in a room and have to use items found in the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit, or once the mission has been completed.
  • Why ‘escape games are good for you and your development?

There are many benefits of taking up ‘escape room’ games, as they help with:

  1. Brain Power. Recent research about gamma waves at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience and Centre for the Biology of Memory at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has shown that signalling inside the brain isn’t restricted to the modification of connection between neurons, the brain is actually more flexible than that. Therefore it is so important to train the brain via stimulation and development. Puzzles, brain teasers and challenges seen in ‘escape game’ rooms are perfect for that. As you are put in a totally unusual environment and do something different your brain is forced to work harder to come up with tricky mathematical or logical puzzle solution, it’s a challenge outside of a comfort zone, happening in a real time.
  2. Concentration. As you stay locked in a room and given a series of small challenges to solve you need to be really focused on the task to succeed, otherwise you won’t be able to escape. Improving focus is a vital skill in both professional and private life.
  3. Creative thinking. Once solving the puzzles you become aware of what is around you and while being creative you look for hints and patterns to the possible solution. You often come up with rather creative problem solving ideas.
  4. Communication skills. As you need to be understood when explaining your ideas and thought process. But you also need to listen carefully to the other team members to be able to discuss their ideas on the way to finding the solution. Improving your communication skills will be always appreciated both by your co-workers, family and friends.
  5. Team work. When locked in an escape room, solving the puzzle you will be working as a team. You will need to go through problem solving together to see what may and may not work, some dose of assertiveness as well as leadership will be required here. It is believed that people who play together are more likely to work together as a team better than others because the team activities allow the participants to develop team-building skills. I wish every company had ‘escape room’ games on their team building activity list.
  6. Decision making. Escape rooms help you improve your decision making skills as you can’t dwell forever on the task but need to decide on something to move on. Being able to decide with a confidence is a very good skill to have.

Escape room games can help improve all above mentioned skills. It is also a fun activity and helps with team building. If you want to try out your skills in a locked room game, London has many different venues to choose from. I particularly recommend the place I have tried recently: Escape Land :-)