WTF does a head of design do all day?

Have you ever wondered how someone fills their time when they work in a design team but don’t design anything? Probably something to do with meetings and spreadsheets right? Well let’s take a look at a typical day for a head of product design.

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Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

9am : Warming up with email, slack, calendar 📅

9.30am : Check performance with design team sync and 1:1s 🤝

12.30–1.30pm : Recharge over lunch 🔋

1.30–2.30pm : Listening to users with leadership updates 🕵️

2.30–3.30pm : Developing the team with recruitment 🌱

3.30- 5pm : Leading the team with strategy workshops 🗺️

5–6pm : Supporting the team with process development ⚙️

6pm : Prepping for tomorrow with list making ✅

WTF does this all mean?

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