Are we all screwed?

I’ve been pondering whether we are all screwed and if we have any control over current global events. This sounds massively negative. Apologies. But do bear with me.

It feels like the news is full of potential war, health and environmental threats. Not to mention the crazy welfare cuts to some of my disabled peers. It’s not surprising I’ve been questioning these occurrences.

Looking at my life recently, I have been through lots of peaks and troughs. My health, disability support, finances, relationships, and work feel like they’re always moments from disaster. It can be exhausting. However when I look back at the last few weeks, the maintenance of these things is a reason to celebrate on its own. Moreover great things have happened too.

So I’m wondering if this is the case on a universal scale. Somehow humans, ecosystems, and planets go through regular moments of potential extinction. Very few disappear though. This constant state of chaos creates innovation and ultimately leads to progress.

I’m contemplating now whether despite wars, despite natural disasters, despite health epidemics, despite crazy government policies, is it possible we all win in the end?

I’ve written before about how our standard of living has risen. This means nothing to someone currently struggling without their disability benefit and/or Motability car. To those people I say the disabled community is aware. We are strategising. We are with you. We will fight. We will win.

In the end there’s 4 reactions to bad occurrences — 1. Stay and moan 2. Stay and fight 3. Stay and change things from the inside 4. Leave to a better place.

None are right or wrong.

I believe staying and fighting, but ultimately to change things from the inside is best. There’s no reason a government or a company or an organisation should negatively effect others. The world is full of abundance. People just need to know it’s wrong, and be informed of better solutions, that benefit everyone.

Let’s lose the ‘them’ and ‘us’ BS. Let’s stop moaning aimlessly. Let’s speak out. Let’s stop injustice. Let’s create a world suitable for everyone. Let’s defy the odds. Let’s do it today!

Written by Martyn Sibley — Blogger. CEO of Disability Horizons Media Group. Adviser for governments/businesses/charities on inclusion. Accessible Adventurer and Smiler :-)

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