Energy Vampires

When you consume the news it can be a pretty depressing affair. Unfortunately human nature is such that we’re drawn to fear and worry. Rather than happy endings. Don’t get me wrong — Disney does well out of fairy tales. However the mainstream media knows it wins more attention from scaring the sh*t out of us.

Murder. Terrorism. Global warming. Disease epidemics. Killer dogs.

The stories are true, or at least predict things that could be true. It just seems very one sided.

We live in a world with less murder, less fatal disease, and less terror than ever before.

If you want proof or like statistics then read this article for the numbers.

It’s not just the media who suck our positivity or optimism away. Individuals can do this too. I call them Energy Vampires. Those who suck the happiness out of a conversation or a room.

Instead of getting stuck with Energy Vampires I concentrate on two things:

1. Reading good news stories

2. Hanging with people who make me feel good about life

Please don’t confuse Energy Vampires with people who are going through tough times. I’m always there for my friends and family in need. It’s just those people who enjoy picking holes in everything you do. It’s best to avoid them. Along with the negative news stories.

Life only happens once. So don’t waste a moment on the pointless stuff. Instead, enjoy the view, appreciate the people in your life, and make every second count.

Martyn Sibley writes about living life with a disability, he is a life/career coach, and advises organisations on inclusion. He’s Co Founder of Disability Horizons/United/Academy. In 2016 he published his travel memoirs and is now trying his arm at some fiction writing. You can read more about his adventures on his blog.
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