The Cans and The Haves

I’ve just come back from collecting my niece from school. For all those times I could dwell on the cannots and the have nots — today more than ever made me realise what I can do and what I do have.

I have a family who I can rely on, and who can rely on me. I have an adapted car, one that I can drive with great independence. I already have ‘dad jokes’ going on. I think they’re funny anyway. Plus I’ve had a great afternoon!

Today has been a great experience. My niece showed me a new game on our Amazon Fire Stick (which I’m already loving for movies and music). The game is called ‘crossy road’ and we’ve had so much fun and laughter with it.

Had I not picked her up from school and if I couldn’t drive my car in the first place; I wouldn’t have found a cool new kids game, and more so enjoyed my nieces chuckles at putting the poor chicken under the train.

I’m still a PacMan lover. But more so I’m a fun lover. New experience lover. Family lover.

So my little thought for the day. Always help out your loved ones. Always be open to new experiences. Always enjoy the moment — however grand or small.

Martyn Sibley writes about living life with a disability, and consults with organisations on inclusion. He’s Co Founder of Disability Horizons/United/Academy. Plus he’s trying his arm at some fiction writing. You can also read more about his adventure travels on his blog.
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