JOUR 5720: Beat Pitch

Beat Pitch:

My beat will be UGA Government and Administration.

Mission Statement:

One of the topics I have enjoyed reporting on the most since my time at Grady began is UGA itself. My first real investigative piece covered UGA’s changing free speech policies; then, my internship summer project investigated the significant changes to the Academic Calendar. As a student, I am one of 35,000 or so students affected by the decisions of a vastly fewer amount of administration and faculty. I want to further examine the governing bodies of UGA, because their decisions have profound effects on the education and daily lives of so many students. By reporting on these decisions, policies and bureaucracies, students may become more informed about how their university operates, and more motivated to speak out about policies or decisions they disagree with.

Action Statement:

I want to begin by speaking with Dr. Janet Frick, who just became the new chair of the Executive Committee of the University Council, and has spoken both on and off the record with me. I’m not sure yet if I will speak to her broadly about how the UC operates and their role in generating policy for the university, or if there may be something specific she wants to talk about. I plan on interviewing her about possible issues in the administration that I could look into. Another source I have previously spoken with is SGA President Houston Gaines; I want to do a story on SGA and if it actually fulfills the goal it was established to serve, taking perspective from SGA officers and students themselves. Furthermore, I may see if the proposal for the 2017–2018 academic calendar was taken up for reconsideration (potential sources: Frick, Registrar, Educational Affairs Committee) and look into the numerous majors/minors/programs that were added and detracted at the end of last academic year (potential sources: University Council, University Curriculum Committee). Finally, there was a study done on gender-equal salaries at UGA done last year, but the HR department did not agree that it met scientific standards, so it was asked if the survey could be redone. I want to interview members of the HR Committee as well as other Council members about this issue.