A nation from Asia shall emerge to

A nation from Asia shall emerge to initiate the push against the doom of western sky, behind an all time great son of the Earth, who would rise for the glory of Zenith with simplistic two hands indicators. The right hand and the left hand. The Leftist hand with five black fingers of “Don‟ts” and the Rightists hand with shining five fingers of “Dos”. The people behind him shall have to sacrifice their everything only to rewarded with God‟s everything.

The fingers of leftists black hand shall read:

1 –Don‟t conceive partner of your God in your soul.

2-Don‟t share your body with prostitutes.

3-Don‟t make your home a rental prostitute.

4-Don‟t let your lands for feudal prostitution.

5-Don‟t lend your money for prostitutely usury.

The fingers of rightists hand shall beam with:

1-Be one with your only God.

2-Be faithful to your legal partners, husband and wife.

3-keep your home sacred for living worshiping and hosting the guests.

4- Preserve your land for growers; agrarian cultivators, and

5- money is for exchange and investment.