Travel Blog : 02 | Cox’s Bazar | St. Martin | C.U (With Video)

When you’re in work or academic pressure, in stress for a long time and you live in a flat chaotic city like dhaka, you’ll be thirsty for a hierarchy. What would be the hierarchy in this linear life? For me it is hill-tracks or sea.

In February, 2016, we, bunch of students of department of Architecture of BUET, went to explore the only coral island of Bangladesh, Saint Martin.

Where I can start, ok, the joruney towards the coral island. The ship started from Teknaf. We were going through the “Naf” river, which actually creates the border between Bangladesh & Myanmar. You’ll be amazed to see the seagulls flying beside the ship. Tourists usually trow chips and biscuits to feed them. It has been a real fun.

On the first day we were searching for snorkelling in the sea and we found the responsible authority. Though we were too much enthusiastic and excited, we were not much a good swimmers. As a result we couldn’t explore much. But we had fun and saw some glimpse of the underwater

At night when we were passing time at the beach, a friend of us were singing with his guitar and the nature was accompanying us with a sky of full of stars. This cannot be expressed through any writting or any photo.

We had Bar-B-Q party with the sea foods. You can explore the fish market here in the island, experience sea-foods on the beach. On the beach you will basically get the fish fries and in the hotels , you’ll find curries.

On an early morning I left hotel alone with my camera and found some interesting stuff. I met children who go out in the beach to collect snails & seashells before going to school. They sell them to the tourists. I met some other tourists, a family, gossiped with them. It is always nice to meet strangers. I explored the villages, the people, their houses. I met the fishermen who were preparing to go into the deep sea. I visited the schools, the market place.

People call this island “narikel Jinjira” (Coconut Jinjira) too.

On the second day we explored “cherea dip” (Torn Island), the last piece of land of Bangladesh in the south. You can go there by car or boat or by foot. We walked the beach to the Chera Dip.

Chilling at Chera Dip
Last house of Bangladesh in the south

After exploring Saint Martin we went to the longest beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar.

I visited this city sevaral times. This time my intention was to experience the para sailing at the Himchori Beach of Cox’s bazar. So, after reaching the hotel I was searching for it. It was a life time experience, flying over the sea.

You’ll enjoy the marine drive which is parallel to this longest beach on earth.

Marine Drive
Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar is becoming alive day by day. You’ll even find all the brand shops which is available in the capital city beside the local shops. There are luxury hotels, boardings and cheap hotels too.

How to reach there.
You can reach Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by bus or by air.
To go to Saint Martin, you’ll have to go to Teknaf, by Bus or cars from Cox’s Bazar and take big engine boats or ships to cross the channel of the Bay of Bengal.

We extended the tour to explore one of the architectural master piece of master Architect Muzharul Islam Sir, University of Chittagong.

That’s all for today.

Enjoy the GoPro video from the trip

Stay healthy! Keep Travelling!!