These days is easy to find more and more articles about Jetpack Compose and this is not surprising. Compose is a major change in the way we design UIs on Android. My goal with this is to summarize lessons learned and simplify the access to this toolkit.

If you have already tried, you would find out some pitfalls of learning Jetpack Compose:

  • The library has undergone many changes with every new version. In recent months and especially with the lately launched alpha version, the library is clearly gaining stability.
  • Plenty of articles are outdated because Compose API has been changed quite often, making those articles almost useless. …

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Coil is the new boy in town and is becoming increasingly popular. But why is it arousing so much interest? Well, this library is a breath of fresh air in the image loading context which nowadays is dominated by mature libraries. Coil is different because was created with Kotlin in mind. Also, it is lightweight because it uses other libraries that many Android developers are already including in their projects (Coroutines and Okhttp). If you want to know more about it, you can read this article from Colin White, the creator of Coil, or see the documentation page.

When I first read about this library I though those are good improvements, but I was curious to know how this library works compared with other well-known libraries. The goal of this article is to measure and give you a rough idea about Coil’s performance in context. To do so, we are going to compare the speed of Coil, Glide and Picasso. …

Miguel Ángel Ruiz López

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