I locked myself in an abyss of madness
And all I know here is nothing but sadness
I'm balancing on a fine line between madness and insanity
For what I thought was happiness proved to be only vanity

I fell into Pleasure's seductive charm
Under the promises of her soothing arm
I'm now in a fiery pit of regret
Owing myself an unpayable debt

If I could write a letter to Fate to apologise
Or turn back time so that I can improvise
My letter would be solemn and sweet, utter poetic justice
A small price to pay for my monstrous misjudgement

Fear consumed me, anger devoured me
And they remained persistent like a mortal enemy
All because I forgot the one thing before this fall:
The pursuit of happiness is the greatest sorrow of all

By Makomborero Marumisa

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