It eats your Strategy for Breakfast and Operations for Lunch

…and don’t be surprised if it relishes over your Vision, Mission and Values in Dessert.

Well if you are wondering what am I talking about? It’s called the Work Culture, a.k.a Organizational Culture, Corporate Culture and so many names to make it easy to highlight it, good or bad; that’s your call.

If you don’t develop your corporate culture, it will develop itself, and when that happens it can be threatening. Why? Because, an organization is not a homogeneous place. People come from different background and diverse cultures. They bring along with them varied values, ethics, beliefs and perspective. If all this is not channelized, trust me, it can get real messy.

OCTAPACE is a set of 8 HR Values which acts as a strong foundation for building and nurturing a healthy work culture. An awesome company culture gives you a big competitive advantage. A whopping 82 percent of the respondents said they believe that culture is a potential competitive advantage. (Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends survey). Having said that that the harsh reality remains unchanged; most employers struggle to build a company culture that’s right for their team. The same survey found that only 12 percent of executives believe their companies are driving the “right culture,” and just 19 percent of executives believe their company has the “right culture.”

A healthy work culture helps you not only retain A players but it also helps you hire talent which can contribute. In a healthy work culture people report very low burnouts, conflicts, stress and absence from work or unplanned leaves. According to Gallup’s workplace report Highly engaged business units achieve 59 percent less turnover.

Take my word, if your people hate working for you, they will jump ship and are likely to warn others to stay away. People who’ll eventually stay back (by force not by choice) in an unhealthy culture are more likely to show frequent signs of burnout, stress, Workplace Deviance Behaviors, Cognitive Dissonance and this, will surely hit your productivity levels.

Do you struggle building a healthy culture at work? Wish to know how can you build culture which is pro-people? The answer lies in OCTAPACE.


OCTAPACE is a set of 8 HR Values that helps companies build a great work culture. Work culture built upon OCTAPACE values have, over number of years, shown positive signs of teamwork, resilience, OCBs (Organizational Citizenship Behaviors), work satisfaction and other factors which make a work place, Thel Great Place To Work for.

About Dr. (Prof.) TV Rao

OCTAPACE model was founded by Dr. (Prof.) TV Rao. Dr. T V Rao is often referred to as the ‘Father of HRD’ in India for his 40 years of extensive work in the field of HRD. He was born on March 14, 1946 in Andhra Pradesh, India.


OCTAPACE constitutes 8 HR Values which must be practiced to build a healthy work culture. These are:

  1. Openness: This is identified by common practices like performance and feedback systems, open door system, suggestion schemes, working spaces rather than cabins, approachability.
  2. Collaboration: Workplace which values Collaboration as an HR Value practices team work, clear and effective communication, meaningful meetings, joint decisions.
  3. Trust: This value is highlighted by Less supervisory roles, honor of mutual commitments, high delegation, ability to accept each other at face value, sense of assurance.
  4. Authenticity: Common practices visible as a part of this HR Value include genuine behavior, congruence between action and words can be seen, no distortion in communication, individual owns up mistakes.
  5. Proaction: In this work culture individuals take up initiatives, there is a detailed planning done, preventive problem solving is practiced, good time management can be seen. Foresighted approach with well thought approach is the key in this HR Value .
  6. Autonomous: These work cultures are identified by a prominent practice of well defined succession planning and high delegation, mutual respect among individuals is high, individual roles are encouraged and respected.
  7. Confrontation: These work cultures face the challenges, they don’t run away from the data, tasks are not postponed, high transparency with high problem solving solving ability is visible.
  8. Experimentation: Creative approach highlights these cultures. These work cultures are highly creative at role level and work on development of new system and process.

These values constitute OCTAPACE, set of 8 HR Values to help you build a strong and a healthy work culture.

Remember, It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog,” Mark Twain had said in one of his famous quotes. An organization, irrespective of its actual size — whether it’s a start-up with 10–15 employees or an organization with a bigger workforce, is strengthened by its unity. This unity results from a solid organizational culture. Go out build a healthy work culture.

Happy Healthy Culture!