Written By L.H. Howard III

YaBoiExplicit, a native of Brunswick, Maine, has released a wonderful new happy song. Going Crazy, a song released in August of this year that features clever lyrics, appealing melodies, and genre-bending flows, Music is an art form, and YaBoiExplicit has repeatedly demonstrated that he has mastered the art of music delivery.

He has a really outstanding ability to blend melodies with his high-caliber rapping skills. The multi-talented artist composes all of his music and raps all of it. You’ll immediately see that YaBoiExplicit is a truly generational musician when you listen to his whole song library. His rapping skills and honesty in his songwriting are still as sharp as ever considering that he and his cousin Rodney released their first song together at the age of 16. Check out this hot New Artist



L.H. Howard III

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