Master/Servant. But will Gerald recuse himself from Ethics Commissioner Pick?

Spencer Fernando does great work, but i humbly wish to modify his article

Claim 1: i dont expect our Dear Leader J. Trudeau issues any directives in a day except ``Yes, what Gerald says”. No, i dont expect Trudeau is anything except an actor. A miseducated tit managed by Elite Professionals.

Claim 2: our Dear Leader’s Cabinet is managed by Club Bilderberg Elite. Mr. Butts, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and Foreign Minister Krystia Freeland. So when Mr. Butts suggests that the economy at election time will not look like the economy today, then we should all shudder, and understand that Bill Morneau’s decision to enable Bail-Ins, and the Industrial Investment Funds, are all preparations for the IMF’s new monetary standard Special Drawing Rights (SDR).

And so the REAL question is: whether Mr. Butts has recused himself from Ethics Commissioner pick. Because Trudeau’s ethics are Mr. Butts’ ethics.

And do we expect the Junior Minister Bardish Chagger answers to Nobody except her superior Mr. Butts??