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Milwaukee does not have a police problem. Sheriff Clark is a voice of reason in an environment of chaos; and I cannot blame the Blacks for being frustrated, but I do blame them for the violence. This administration in Washington has done nothing to improve the economy and the Blacks’ situation except to make it worse by higher taxation (the ACA) and pages of regulations. The last quarter according to the CBO and GAO was less than .5% GDP. That’s negative growth reflecting on the REAL employment rate. The REAL unemployment rate among whites is actually around 20%. It’s double for Blacks, partially due to their own mindset. Why work when you receive enough welfare not to work. Of course, that goes for Whites and Hispanics as well. The Blacks also no longer have a family structure to teach them the work ethic. 73% (that’s more than 7 out of ten) Black babies are born out of wedlock … NO FATHERS. If you think that this country is doing well, you are delusional, convinced by one of the most corrupt administrations in United States history.