The stunning hypocrisy of Scott Pruitt’s request for around-the-clock bodyguards
Natasha Geiling

The way I see things evolving in this “disaster administration “, ALL of its “agencies “ will be needing 24/7 armed guards… The security budget for our “ liar-in-chief “ already DWARFS whatever salary he claims to be donating back to the “parks department “ ! If scott (the environmental destroyer ) pruitt needs security, MAYBE he FIRST needs to evaluate WHY he thinks that American’s would WANT to HURT HIM ! Personally, I believe that the republican party as a whole should just turn America into a police state — to allow for them to destroy the country without fear of interference or assasination ! We hear daily news breaks on every channel that “highlights “ some new executive order from our “p”OTUS and I cringe to think what new “ regressive “ mandate that dumbf and his demented party are going to unleash on us now… Yeah scott, you GET your added security, but remember that YOU are so worried about pleasing ONE IDIOT that the risks you undertake are generated from YOUR OWN MYOPIC, STUPID and DESTRUCTIVE ideas. In decades to come, you and your name will undoubtedly go down in HISTORY ( along with your pathetic party and its unhinged “ leader “ ) as one of the greatest political and environmental DISASTERS in the written annals of our planet ! SAD !

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