Andela Bootcamp CohartX Day 3.

Hello everyone. I hope you all are super awesome. Today we didn’t go to Andela building, so the experience is not alot. But in terms of what i learnt and practiced, they is a lot to tell. So hold tight and wait for your turn to tell the story.

I am going to tell you about Github, One of the most insisted requirements from Andela to us. The use of git and github { different things, for those who don’t know.} has really impacted how i view the open source community and the ease of work sharing. A single project can be worked on by multiple people with easy flow of changes in the project. Due to my high usage of open source projects, at least now i know i am going to be part of one this community to build something for the future.

Next skill in line, Medium. The easiest way to elaborate on this one is by a saying, “ You won’t be reading this without it.” Medium has help me by giving me a voice to express myself in a draft form. To write my feels, experience and knowledge i am gaining from the Andela Community.

Before Andela, my future aspirations were unclear and a bit scattered, but as for this short time i have been here in Andela, This aspirations are starting to take a shape in the right direction and with specific goals and time lines. I know who i want to be and where i belong.



TIA {This Is Andela}

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