My Andela Experience

Hello all, As i am writing this, i am super tired. Some of you know what i will be writing about.

The day starts off as usual. wake up, bus, sign in the gate and finally inside. It moves to the exercise, which am super embarrassed to say, there is a game i don’t know how to play.

After the exercise, i asked my group to remain back so we can finish our stand up early. But this cost us an important conversation that was going on inside about what we are to expect when someone is accepted into Andela. This include the salary and others. If you want to know more, come join the community.

Moving on, the day was all coding our personal projects. I have been stuck n some areas but so far, what my project is supposed to do, it does 80%.

I will have to come tomorrow, I can’t really know how the bus fare will affect me. But its worth it.



TIA {This Is Andela}