My First Day In Andela Boot Camp CohartX.

The day started oddly off from my normal routine. It started with introductions from the facilitators and camping style songs and games. This did help break a lot of ice with getting to know each other. Plus it also helped reduce the intense tension, i personally had.

After the exercise, we were introduced to the expected learning curve we were going to use and the facilitators expectations from us. We were divided into groups and assigned different facilitators. Am proud to say mine is Olive.

Lunch was great! It was a helpful break. We got to interact with staff and fellows whom I found very easy to approach and encouraging.

In the afternoon session, we got to solve the written interview questions and coding exercises, I appreciate the fact that we discussed three different methods to solve the problem two of which had not crossed my mind. Also, it’s faster and much easier to understand what is happening when sharing different ideas from different people.

Class ended at 5.30pm, but somehow it seemed people didn’t want to leave the environment. In a nutshell, i had a great day 1 and i can’t wait to see what day 2 holds for me.



TIA {This Is Andela}