I read because my mother taught me that knowledge will take me to places, that reading is learning and when all else fails in life the knowledge that I acquired will be my tool to fight poverty and improve my life.

I was on 6th grade where I read “ The Girl” which started the habit of going to our school library, I was pretty ashamed back then to be seen reading because “it’s uncool”, but slowly the urge to finish the book I created the habit of going to our school library.

In my 3rd year in high school it was my first time to read a “El Filibustersimo” the Reign of Greed in its English title which was written by our national hero Jose Rizal. It awakened me of the power of words and knowledge. How one man used literature and a book to start a revolution. The novel together with his first book “Noli me tangere” which is touch me not or do not step on me in English was his tools for a revolution which gave courage to the Filipino people to resist the Spanish regime. This awakened me and enlightened me on who I want to be. Though late I was socially aware at that age and I was aware that I needed knowledge to make a dent to my society.

Reading has given me and my mom an opportunity to have a comfortable life. It opened doors of opportunity for the both of us. I am able to communicate with her well and with the people I go across with, Reading has taken me to places where my current financial status can’t take me yet. Countries and their different culture, and it made want to experience things first hand. More than just a head start I am confident that the dent I want to make is within reach.

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