Cute Voice Problems

Coming into this program I had one issue on my mind; projecting my voice. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an incredibly soft-spoken and higher-pitch voice. Throughout my school years, I’ve struggled to speak up and project what some people have described as “the cutest voice ever”. I can tell you that being adorable is both a blessing and a curse.

Upon entering the Vancouver broadcast industry and beginning my work as a host with Novus Television, I made a troubling discovery. The broadcast microphones I was using for my stand-ups appeared to pick up the higher-pitch frequencies in my voice and amplify them; so, my voice came out even higher in video.

“Even higher”

It was then that I discovered what would be one of my biggest obstacles facing my career in broadcasting, developing my announcer voice.

One of my favourite things about this program is announcing class. For a person such as myself who struggles with leveling the pitch of my voice, announcing class is just what I need to push me out of my comfort zone and help me rise to the challenge!

As of now, I have had two one-on-one stand-up critiques with Julia Foye, Global News Reporter and Announcing Professor. My critique with Julia proved to be incredibly helpful as she gave me key tips to lower my voice and keep it in range while delivering news casts. I’m now using tricks such as smiling when I speak, and delivering from my diaphragm to achieve the announcer voice I desire.