When Passions Align

Coming into the Broadcast and Online Journalism program at BCIT, I had just completed one year of Communications studies at Simon Fraser University. One of the main reasons behind my decision to trnasfer to BCIT, was that I ultimately felt as though communications would not get me to where I wanted to go in the Vancouver broadcast industry.

Having almost completed my first semester in the Broadcast and Online Journalism program, I can confidently say that the content I am now learning will help me onto the path to my dream career. Perhaps the best part of being in this program is the correlation between the curriculum and my personal goals outside of school.

For the past six months I have been planning on creating a strong online and social media brand for myself, mainly centered around my YouTube channel; however, for a long time I felt as though I didnt have the proper tools or training to embark on this new journey. Now being in the broadcast journalism program, I’ve gained skills that are allowing me to develop my brand, such as video production, on-air performance, and social media utilization.

Being in this program has allowed my passion for journalism and the creative industries to align, thereby allowing me to pursue my dreams every single day.