Why I write?

I write because sometimes writing is the only way that i know how to express myself. I write because i can’t explain myself to the other very well. I write because sometimes for me, it hard to being honest to other people. I write because writing is the easiest way to express myself, especially when I’m hurt or mad. Cause my parents would be really mad, when I’m throwing their stuff. And throwing something not really helping me feeling better, though sometimes that’s really make me feel so relief. And in home, you can’t scream loud, you can’t curse loud. Though in my teenage years I’ve done it. Especially when me and my brother fought.
And i can’t climb to the mountain, or go to the forest, jungle like other people in the movie just to scream. My parents wouldn’t allow it beside I don’t like it very much.
So, i again choose writing. I write because, when people reading what I’m writing, they’d understand me better. They’d say like ‘oh, I see’ or ‘Ah, now I understand you better’.
I write because I can being honest about my deepest secret . and the deepest secret is the hardest thing for me to tell to anyone. When I write i can whatever i want yet i won’t hurt anybody. I can say about my judgement about something and not really care if other people agree with me or not.
 I can say, and I can curse even it’s the worst curse that ever exist. And i won’t hurt people. Except you will offended by reading. though I’m not really meaned to offend you.
So, what I’m going to say is, why don’t you? Why don’t you do the same thing like me?
Writing is not about talent, writing is about you being honest with yourself. Writing is about your capability telling something in different way.
So why don’t you write? Why don’t we write?
Sorry if my English is so horrible..