Appreciated those who exist in your life for no interest of their own. Those who create your comfort zone are those who you rely on to defy your own fear-principled corner stones of your personality. Your walls are built so high, monitoring those who come just a footstep near, and starting your own analysis. Failure is the desired outcome of the analysis, your walls are very crucial to maintain your security. How heinous can the one be to make someone fail to climb their walls, how rude can the one be if he noticed someone’s potential to let them in. We might wanna have a stable emotional life but the fear of turbulent after stability that might cut you even deeper is always gonna be in the middle. Turning a blind eye on the trust issues that had conquered our hearts too early in the very first days, could leave us twisted in the wind.

Reckless connection is a behavior adopted to over come the fear of lonesome. The ugly spell that could be casted on such hearts are believing in someone. That someone that passed all your walls and analysis as if it was a make-believe. Someone that you let in as deep as your darkest spots. Suddenly you’ve dropped all your guards and just flew with it. It feels good to fly and be free, then you hit that damn high wall you built whilst trying to escape your own reality. Starting to question everything you had hooped over this time. Trust, feelings, truth and promises are very vulnerable at this very stage, it’s yourself blaming and holding yourself accountable for such things you made yourself believe and feel. What a wicked feeling to make yourself dream disregarding the reality of people. Blaming yourself for being ruthless to your worth.

I always wonder where were i at the time when love and trust were so much alike, more of acquainted; come together. When you listen to the word love and you never have to question whether they are true or fake. Back in time, love was a sacred thing appreciated and cherished. now love is more of a word to be said to accomplish what’s behind which is always differs from one another. The serenity of being in love or being loved, the security of having someone by your side, sexual satisfaction or social image. Pure love and admiration are seldom to feel if you still hope it exists. Being hopeful lights up your infinity, but might still be a bit dangerous for your own entity. Be hopeful to meet someone to love you more than you loved those who don’t deserve, just because you deserve. Be hopeful to meet the unprecedented at the most unexpected times, cuz these are the times when you need reassurance to keep on being hopeful for yourself, not because everyone is an angel ,but because everyone is worth it.