“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Between tangible and intangible matters of the world, lies purpose. It is up to humans to decide what their own personal purpose is. Wether people relate purpose to religion, personal beliefs or even goals, it is a matter of choice as of how to alter its outcome. However, the absence of purpose leads to unmotivated and depressed humans. A problem that many do not discuss but rather go through. It is only human to go through phases of confusion and desperation. But speaking of purpose in a much narrower context, many of the youth are lacking a sense of direction in life. According to “ACT for Youth” the development of purpose begins early on in their life. Also, like identity, purpose is thought to develop as the result of two processes: exploration and commitment. Also, according to a research done by professor William Damon from Stanford University states that any school that fails to encourage purpose among its students risks becoming irrelevant for the choices those students will make in their lives. But are people encouraging purpose from young age or barely even shedding a light on it?

How might we?

How might we discuss goals/ambitions more often?

How might we let teenagers be less afraid of failure?

How might we generate people to be more creative?

How might we let schools leave a mark on their students?

How might we make people question their actions more often?

How might we lead the youth to have the education that they want?

How might we let people decide/enjoy their majors?

How might we make people make the change that they want?

How might we let teenagers do the actual effort of trying?

How might we engage youngsters in more activities?