reliance jio kit

reliance jio is worth really ??

INDIA is the fastest growing economy in the world .after the change in government to bjp ,India is have decided to make a digital India campaign that have a motive of providing the digital and virtual services to the every citizen of have established a wave in India using a slogan free Internet , free data ,free voice call ,free roaming .all you have to go to the nearest reliance digital or reliance express stores and only have to provide aadhar card zerox or number ,collect the jio sim with free of cost .jio sim is also available with many smart phones as a promotinal offer .jio sim will only work with volte or lte supported smartphones .4g phones or volte/lte phones are jio supported and any 3g phone or keypad phone is not suitable for jio have promoted its brand by offering the free services valid till 31 december 2016.

facts regarding jio

  • volte or no jio:-

according to the sources and from the company jio ,its network is having volte/lte supported technology at most 100 percent . in india before 2016 ,there was a smartphone and telecom market of 3g technology and in mid of 2016 4g technology have gained the market of india so as reliance jio have implemented it and have only launched it with a subsidiary company lyf with a promotional jio 4g sim .jio have launched it later on all other 4g supported devices with just a simple process to apply for jio and register it with aadhar card,collect sim from reliance express or digital stores ,as your sim will be tele verified or automatically activated.

  • jio across india free* :-

reliance have established a network of 4g connectivity across india even within a small village to the smart cities ,jio supports with volte network ,as other telecom companies are still busy with 2g, 3g with the higher rate of data .jio have gained network on the places where even the towers of other companies are lack to be seen .from the public point of view ,jio is worth as in vast areas like mountains to deserts and forests ,people’s need network coverage .according to survey jio have gained 30 mbps of speed even in the village areas so as people have a jio supportive views. jio is providing a bundled of free services till december end 2016 ,so people will use it with full access .


reliance jio have established there fiber cables across india so no need to have a separate line for wifi hotspots .as our government have a initiative of free wifi across india ,digital india ,reliance jio have joined the mission with government by providing free wifi across india . reliance have settled up with millions of towers for covering the whole country to start a public free wifi hotspot . jio is having a scheme of free wi fi support with the jio digital sim card .the free scheme is applicable across india till 2016 december and thereafter it will be paid service .there are millions of towers to cover whole india as a result will be having a better connectivity .according to the news ,jio have gained about 26 million of customer with the greed of free service .

  • pay for new phone to buy free jio sim :-

yea ,it a options for the customers to buy the jio sim after paying for the new volte supporting device .jio sim may be free but as a supportive sim for 4g device ,you dare have to go for new phones .reliance communications of anil ambani ir rcom have also converted its network technology from cdma to 4g and high speed network but after announcing it publicly to change the current sim card

with the new 4g sim card ,its customers have changed there simcard but the sim card only works on 4g device so have forced indirectly the customers to change the current device ie keypad phone to smart 4g device that are costly .though its customers have managed to change their phones but now there is a major problem among rcom customers is of network connectivity . after changing it to 4g ,network is the biggest problem for rcom customers as so have to bear it.

  • gaining app store WITH ENTERTAINMENT:-

reliance jio have 15 apps bundled with my jio app in play store and istore. jio promotional offer of free services is working after downloading the bundled jio apps from playstore .my jio apps required a registration og connection and from that the other jio apps like free jonet wifi ,jio mag ,jo security ,jio cloud ,jio voice .jio chat , jio news , jio express ,jio digital , jio video ,jio movies ,jio music ,jio data .as market price of these bundled apps is near to inr 15000 ,but jio is providing these services to free till extent .jio customers will even get access to these apps activation free of cost even after the promotional off ends ie 31 december 2016 .these apps are worth as providing the services free which are being paid if used from other apps like ditto tv ,nextgtv ,ganna ,hungama bundled apps only work when the customer have access to jio sim in the device .

what after ends of promotional period ??

it’s a big question in front of jio company that after the free offer how many customers will be still connected to jio and how new customers will be connected to jio ?.as jio is having more active customers than the other old telecom companies around 26 million that is even a world record itself. jio have also announced the paid service offers after the promotional offer ends .there are many plans from a day plan to a package of months .in every jio plan ,voice and roaming is totally free of cost so the charge is taken for the data and wifi service . jio is the cheapest data in india among the other telecom companies like we have to pay for 3g service in india for 1 gb is approx 250 inr and oppositely jio is providing it around 50 rs . let’s understand it .