How To Self Care When You Just Want To Die In Four Steps

Because mental illness sucks and self care is important.

  1. Take A Shower. You probably just read this and thought this was going to be another one of those Self Care posts written by a neurotypical who hasn’t the slightest idea of what wanting to desperately die is actually like. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those posts. Taking showers is something that should be done daily but if you’re mentally ill it becomes more of a struggle and if you’re like me, you go almost a week without it (and that’s when I’m not suicidal.) Showering is not only an important part of hygiene but also makes you feel good (or at least somewhat good) afterwards. I’m not saying you have to shave every hair that’s not on your head or use Lush products— simply stepping under the water and letting the oils and bacteria rinse off is better than nothing. Gathering up enough energy to shower takes a lot out of you but the feeling after getting a shower is worth it.
  2. Wear something that makes you feel good. For me, it’s my nice underwear and XXL Jack Daniel’s t-shirt that stretches to mid-thigh. It can be leggings, sweat pants, an old ripped up sweater, just make sure you feel comfortable. Comfortability is key.
  3. Eat a snack and drink some water. It doesn’t matter what you’re eating as long as you’re eating something. Let yourself have a cookie or ice cream or celery with peanut butter if that’s your thing. Food gives your body energy and energy is good. You can drink some tea or chocolate milk along with your snack if you’re not a fan of water but please try to drink at least a glass. Water is refreshing and helps circulate nutrients in your body.
  4. Sleep. You’ve taken a shower, put on comfy clothes and ate. Now it’s time for rest. I use a sleep aid every night and if you’re having difficulty falling or staying asleep I suggest you use one too, if accessible. Sometimes I find it easier to fall asleep when I’m listening to ASMR or watching a sitcom. Make sure that your preferences are met (if you like to sleep in the dark or with a night light, temperature is comfortable, etc.) Gather all the pillows and blankets you desire and sleep.

When you wake up remember that even though your mind is kicking your ass that you fought back, were productive and you should be proud.