Big Bear Syndicate: Our Genesis PFP Collection

Mary-Anne Lee
5 min readAug 12, 2022


SEPTEMBER 8 2022 UPDATE: The mint has been postponed and details in the story below are no longer accurate. Read this link for why.

The way is dark. You can smell something earthy, like mildew, and your snout twitches. The squelch below your boot as you move forward signals that the ground is more than a little damp. You feel something brush against your arm, bristling your fur. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and likely some really generous supply crates, too. You press on — because it’s what the Big Bear Syndicate would do.

Today we’re announcing the MightyNet’s genesis profile pic (PFP) collection: the Big Bear Syndicate!

The Big Bear Syndicate represents the first entry point into the MightyNet ecosystem, an epic collection of games and experiences developed by Mighty Bear Games.


Being part of the Big Bear Syndicate by holding a PFP (or several) will set you up for success in both the MightyNet and Mighty Action Heroes, the real-time multiplayer third-person battle royale launching in early access later this year. Here’s what you can expect as a holder:

  • Early access to Mighty Action Heroes to be among the first to play and test the game. Holding a Big Bear Syndicate PFP will be the best way to guarantee early access.
  • Access to exclusive Discord communities for sneak previews and opportunities to give feedback and help shape the game during development.
  • Giveaways and contests only available to holders.
  • Being able to lock your PFPs and earn rewards for Mighty Action Heroes before the game even launches. These rewards can be redeemed at launch for in-game equipment, crafting components, and even unique Heroes!
  • …And many more benefits incoming!

Your Big Bear Syndicate PFP will also come with its very own unique origin story, which gets developed as you play through a mini Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Mint Details

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about the mint. We’ll post a how to mint guide closer to the day.


  • 0.08 ETH across all phases

Mint Phases:

  • Mighty List — Allowlist (Max 2 mints per wallet). This will run for 24h.
  • Public Mint — Open to all (Remaining supply not minted from the Mighty List phase). Public mint will run until the remaining supply sells out.


  • Allowlist: September 18, 2AM GMT+8 || September 17, 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 8PM CET. For all other timezones, please visit this website for time conversion!
  • Public Mint: September 19, 2AM GMT+8 || September 18, 2PM ET / 11AM PT / 8PM CET. For all other timezones, please visit this website for time conversion!

PFP Reveal:

  • 3 days after we mint out

How to get on the Mighty List

How to allowlist? There are many ways! Here are some.

  1. Get into the raffle! We ONLY have this one public raffle link hosted on Premint. Get in there!
  2. Join the Discord! We’ll be running games that award Mighty List spots.
  3. Follow us on Twitter @PlayMightyHero! We’ll be running giveaways that award Mighty List spots. You must join the Discord after to claim your allowlist allocation.
  4. Follow our partners! You can find a full list of them on our website. Some of our partners will be running Mighty List giveaways too.


The Big Bear Syndicate is a love letter to action heroes around the world. For this genesis PFP collection, we were heavily inspired by classic Hollywood action heroes. We also did a lot of art tests to find the perfect style for the collection — you can see some of the styles we trialed below.

We had to ask ourselves questions about portrait orientation, type of art style, and of course, whether we were going to do humans, or bears!

Even after we decided on bears, there were still more decisions to be made. Did we want the bears in an active pose? What sort of colour scheme did we want to emulate? Did we want a 2D or 3D collection?

Once we had a more final art style, we had to do additional testing for how well a theme would transfer across different bases.

We landed on the style you see today after all that testing. Finalising the PFP design and shipping it was bear-y satisfying and we hope you feel the same way when you finally look at your very own action bear from the Big Bear Syndicate!

What now?

It’s still a few weeks till mint, but we’ve got lots in store. Mighty List activities have kicked off across Discord, Twitter, and with our partners (grab the links to join from above) and we’re working harder than ever to keep building and bring you value.

But first, it might be time for a slice of pizza.

See you around in Mighty HQ!