Update: Edition 5

Disclaimer: This is almost two months late — sorry about that.

Hello Again,

This week has been pretty good so far, I have been on holiday break for roughly two weeks and it was amazingly refreshing and relaxing. I have basically spent the past week either watching netflix, spending time with my family or going to family parties and just being around very positive people. It is currently my first day back to school and it is surprisingly relaxed and unstressful (is that a word ??) and I am just in a great mood today — a bit sick and a bit tired ,but happy nonetheless. I have midterms late next week which I am honestly not worried about, I am also still in like a wintery cozy mood where I want to drink hot coaco and have blankets and watch christmas movies despite it being completely snow barren and a brisk 55 degrees where I live. I think that is all for now, my resolutions this year are: to be happy, cook more and to do more things that I enjoy / get hobbies.

Alright well happy new year everyone and I wish you all the best in 2016!

signing off,


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