The Justice of the Universe?

The sixth principle of Dr. King’s Nonviolence is “The arc of the universe is long but it leans towards justice.” We all smugly choose to understand that quote as meaning that regardless of how I respond to what happens, regardless of what I do or don’t do, goodness will prevail. Goodness like “do unto others, love thy neighbor, no greater love…” will win with or without me.

But what if justice leaves the outcome up to us. What if principle six is talking about justice in response to our free will, the choices we make…

My mother, Viola Liuzzo, is a martyr of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. This is one of many stories that I’ve lived and learned from in the decades since her murder. Each story is a gift I’ve been given for the simple reason that I am my mother’s daughter.

Every year in early March, I return to Selma, Alabama to participate in the Bridge Crossing Jubilee. It is an event to commemorate Bloody Sunday. …

Stories of the Civil Rights Movement From the Foot Soldiers Who Lived It

There are stories behind “the story”. I discovered this when I traveled to and through the Deep South in an effort to learn about my mother’s last days alive. Her name is Viola Liuzzo and she was murdered by the KKK in 1965 after participating in the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March.

It was decades after her fatal trip that I realized her death had become the main focus in my memories of her. It is what people wanted to talk about and so I did…

Viola Liuzzo in Selma to Montgomery March 1965 just hours before she was murdered by the KKK

The Price Paid in The Struggle for The Vote: Ask a Black American if Trumpism is Unprecedented

I saw something on television this week that chilled me with a feeling of impending doom. You know, the feeling you get watching some foolish character in a horror movie unwittingly release a source of evil from the box that has kept it powerless for 50 years — an evil that will destroy mankind.

That’s what I felt as I watched a Presidential rally in Montana. Later that night I listened to the reactions describing the President’s message and behavior as “unprecedented,” “un-American”…


I have been active in civil rights since my mother, Viola Liuzzo, was murdered by the kkk in 1965. I am committed to her legacy of justice & equality for all.

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