Stop and pay attention
Tim Cigelske

Review what you wrote about what you found in Johnston Hall last week. Then look at your notes. Did you miss any details? What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing without looking at your notes?

After comparing the notes I wrote about the portrait of William and Mary Diederich and my notes from today, I realized that I remembered pretty much everything except minor details. However, I was not completely sure that what I was writing was true, which was a major disadvantage. This exercise was positive, because it reinforced the idea that writers and need to make sure something is accurate before sharing it.

What did you learn from eavesdropping on a classroom?

The class that I was eavesdropping on was discussing sentence structure and grammar. The professor gave the class two sentences and the students had to choose which one was correct. Many students became frustrated because at times both sentences sounded correct. This is an important idea, because writers always need to produce professional work.

What’s something you learned from a magazine or newspaper?

I came across an article that discussed the MUSG president and his decision to step down from his position. This is something that Marquette students would be interested in, because it may affect them.

What is the Marquette Tribune editor in chief doing today?

Steve Ashburner is a former Marquette Tribune editor in chief. He is currently a reporter for the NBA.

What can you find out about the professor you wrote down from the directory? What have they researched? What are they known for?

Karen Slattery is the professor that I wrote down from the directory. Her research interests include journalism and media ethics. She is very involved with television broadcasts and issues concerned with mass communication.

What did you say in the note you put in a professor’s mailbox? What skills did you learn from this person?

This is my first semester taking Communications classes, so I was unsure of who’s mailbox to put a note in.

What did you learn from the student who works in student media?

I talked to Michael Hendricks who works as the Entertainment Producer for MUTV. His major is Digital Media, and he told me that it is important for writers to find a style that works for them.

What alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame inspires you and why?

Chuck O’Neil is an alum from the Alumni Hall of Fame that inspires me, because I really enjoyed The Daily Show with John Stewart. I didn’t know that a Marquette alum was the director, so that was exciting to find out.

What did you see when you visited a new floor in Johnston Hall?

When I went on to the fourth floor in Johnston Hall I realized that there are many tables and chairs. I am always looking for a place to work on homework between classes, so this was helpful to find out.

What Marquette alumna won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland? Now find her interview with Poynter. What is a tip that she shared about paying attention in interviews?

Jacqueline Banaszynski is a Marquette alumna who won a Pulitzer for reporting on AIDs in the Heartland. In her interview with Poynter she shared interviewing tips. She said that in interviews it is important to make sure it is not boring. She says that a nootbook should not be a barrier, rather a tool in an interview.

Embed the tweets you sent to Dean Kimo Ah Yun.

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What do you notice when you turned your phone off?

When I turned my phone off I noticed that I payed more attention to what was going on around me more. While on the first floor of Johnston Hall I heard the song “Working for the Weekend” playing in an office. I thought this was funny because it is only Tuesday; if I was distracted by my phone I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Finally, a challenge for tomorrow. Don’t check your phone in the morning until after breakfast. Write down what you notice when you do this.

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