5 mistakes social media managers should avoid

Mariya Vasylyeva
Jan 13, 2019 · 5 min read

Your social media strategy seems to be perfectly tailored but there are still no results it brings? An audience is not fully engagement even though your posts are deliberately polished? Let us tell you one thing — you’re not alone with those problems. We had a chance to talk to Daria who worked in content marketing for 3 years and came up with the core 5 mistakes every SMM manager should stop making.

1. Just posting is not enough. Evaluate.

No doubt finding and creating content takes much time. However, it is not the only thing you should be occupied with. Even though social media usually set long-term goals, there are always results expected from your work even on early stages.

You’re not there just for posting content every day. Your work should bring the results” — Daria states.

Constant tracking of the success of your social media strategy will help you to bring the greatest results out of your campaign. Make sure you have precise KPIs (here you can find how to properly determine them) in order to properly access the goals your strategy reaches. You might use your channels internal metrics such as likes, shares, fans, comments, which you can find on Social Media Business pages. Furthermore, it can be also a good idea to try some external software to get extra data on the efficiency of your campaign. For instance, the tools Mention, Mediatoolkit, Mentionlytics will keep you updated about the mentions of your brand on various platforms. You can use Cyfe or Social Clout to receive additional data on your social media performance. There are plenty more helpful tools that can help you to track and evaluate made achievements.

Keep on measuring the numbers you reach. It’s essential to always be aware of whether your work actually brings fruits.

2. Not knowing who you appeal to.

Is it a mother of two kids from the New York who reads your posts? Or is it a man in his sixtieth trying not to get bored while being retired? It’s vital to know your readers and create content according to their preferences and requirements.

Remember your audience. You should know who they are and what they’re expecting from you” — Daria claims.

Depending on who your customer is, you should choose the relevant tone of voice, lexis, topics, the format of content etc. Finding the right approach will lead to maximum engagement. In case struggling to define your target audience, this article might come in handy.

Talk to them the way they want you to talk. Show them what they crave for.

3. Letting worthy content gather dust.

No doubt you know which of your posts were distinctively popular among your readers. Those ones with numerous shares, likes, and comments you will never forget, right? Then why let your readers forget them?

Repurposing content is something SMM managers should consider. Even though it takes a lot of time to repurpose, it brings incredible results” — Daria says.

There are many ways how to repurpose high-quality content which led to the active engagement of your readers. One of them is creating a roundup post, in which all the most popular posts are gathered. This way you will not only take advantage of those viral materials but will also provide users with easy and fast access to your best content. Moreover, you may repurpose it for other platforms. However, it’s important to adjust your content according to the audience and format of the sources where you are going to place it. Here you can check out other ways to prevent your shiny content from dying out.

So take a benefit of it one more time.

4. Not trying means not knowing.

Do your readers like GIFs? Are they likely to watch a short video or read an article instead? In most cases, you can’t answer these questions until you post the content and see what are your audience reactions.

It’s important to dedicate some time for testing the strategy. This way you can check if you give your readers what they prefer.” — Daria says.

Don’t stick to the text only — you should also test out various approaches, formats. Once you have the data from the testing, you may adjust the strategy according to the gained results.

Give it all a try and find what works best for your customers. Now there’ll be no hesitations you’re doing the right thing.

5. Being unaware of what your competitors are up to.

Checking the work of your rivals can be really insightful. You can find out what is in trend in your industry and which are the gaps you have to fill.

Daria is persuaded: “It’s good to know what other companies do. I have a spreadsheet with different competitors’ pages which I constantly check to see which content is working the best”.

Make a review of your competitors:

  • how many followers do they have;
  • what kind of content do they post and how their audience reacts to it;
  • how frequently do they post content and whether it fits their audience;
  • how they engage customers and are they successful in it etc.

Find out what are other questions you need to answer in order to be aware of your rivals’ performance. That will give you an overall picture of the market as well as provide you with a fresh vision of your strategy.

Remember, it’s not about stealing ideas, it’s about using those to generate your own ones. Be aware of what your competitors do well and strive for more.

Let’s make it stick.

Now you see why simply posting high-quality content is not enough for reaching big goals. Take a look at your work and try to understand where you might have messed up. Correcting those 5 major mistakes can significantly improve your performance and make the most of your social media strategy. Clear? Try it all again. It should work now:)

Mariya Vasylyeva

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