Your Safety Pins Are Not Enough.
Lara Witt

I appreciate your point of view. And, yes, symbols, in and of themselves can be a lazy abdication of responsibility. And, I believe that we “nice white liberals” were complacent. Hey! Obama is president; we’ve won! Yay! America is liberal! (I personally, however, was well aware that racism is still alive and well as is rampant sexism — which was proved by the combination of white lash and sexism in the election.) So, absolutely essential you and others hold us accountable. Here’s how I (and many others I know) see it. The pin is a symbol to remind us (more than show off that we’re “good white people”) that we must take action and stand every day for justice and equality. I wear mine with pride and have reached out to people to offer help when/if they ever need it, including posting my cell #. Further, I’m contributing to groups such as the ACLU and the Immigration Law Center. So, there are millions that will do the safety pin (for a while before it goes in a drawer) and that’ll be it. And, then there are millions who will wear the pin while they’re writing, marching, donating, and standing up to the bullies and racists.

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