Would You Like to Make $100's Of Dollars a Month in Your Spare Time? — My Thrifty Mom Secret Revealed..

Hey there my name is Mary Burke and I’m from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I’m a stay at home mom and raise two kids which is really a full time job, I’m sure if you’re reading this you already know that!

I usually try and share as many thrifty mom tips as possible - how to save money and time and live a healthier and happier life. However, I wanted to write a short little blog post today about what I’ve been doing to make some money in my spare time…I know that’s something that a lot of us busy Mom’s are looking to do.

Finding an Opportunity

This journey started a couple months ago when I started looking for part time opportunities, I found the one I’m working with now when I saw an ad on Craigslist for paid research opportunities seeking frequent social media users, I’m usually pretty skeptical of these “opportunities” but decided to give them an email to find out more.

Like I mentioned above I’m pretty wary of all the online scams and tricks out there so I wanted to make sure that the opportunities that I found when I went looking met at least two criteria:

  1. I wouldn’t have to pay anything to get started to earn money
  2. This wouldn’t take a lot of time out my already busy schedule

After my first email to about the craigslist post, I received an email back quickly outlining the study and it seemed legitimate. From there I replied and was able to setup a call to speak with the program manager who helps manage participants of the study, her name is Sophie O’neal. She is a really lovely women and I spoke to her later in the afternoon the same day I sent an email. Once on a call with Sophie she went over the study again and mentioned how advertisers pay for feedback, Sophie then asked me some general questions to see if I would meet the requirements for their most recent study, the call lasted about 5 minutes and it turned out that I did meet all the requirements!

Once our introduction call was over Sophie emailed me over a link to signup and confirm my information, and install the research software they ask participants to setup.

The particular study that I was entered and qualified for paid me $25.00 once I completed the setup, which took another 5 minutes or so after verifying my social media information and installing the simple software. They also pay me $100 every two weeks, which means I make $200 a month in my spare time. They occasionally send over a survey or some questions via email but that has never taken more than 2–3 minutes!

How Do I Get Started?

I asked Sophie the program manager if they were looking for more participants in their study and she said the definitely had some openings. She sent me a pdf link with the requirements that include a link to their survey so you don’t even have to setup a call. I’ve gone ahead and linked it below :)

Requirements and Registration Link:

Edit: It looks like the text on the pdf is a little small, if any of you are having trouble reading the text or finding the link above here is a direct link to their qualification survey..

Final Remarks

That’s about it guys, things were really simple and straight forward for me! I know this opportunity won’t last forever but I’m hoping at least a few of you fans can signup and make some extra money!

Leave me a message or comment if you have any questions, comments, or stories about how you earn extra money as a stay at home mom :)

Cheers, Mary!

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