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Small Changes for a Big New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! — Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

I hope you are as excited about 2018 as I am! 2017 was a really good year for me and probably the best year for self-development in my life so far. I spent a lot of time reading. I read a book probably once every three weeks and by the last few months of the year I was consistently reading at least 2 blog posts a day. I also invested a lot of time meeting new people — going to networking events at least twice a week and creating my own Female Network, Now You’re Talking (which now has 180 members by the way!) I also focused on consistently blogging, travelling and getting my finances into shape. So writing this at the start of 2018 I feel much more renewed, confident and motivated!

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible - Tony Robbins

I love setting New Year’s resolutions because it is a great opportunity to conduct your own yearly appraisal. Ask yourself, what did I achieve last year? What do I want to achieve this year? How will I achieve it? And also why do I want to achieve these goals? Are they really my goals or are they what I think I should be doing because I am X years old?

So in celebration of the New Year here are some of my new year’s resolutions. I am sharing them so that hopefully they will inspire you when you are writing yours and also so you can keep me accountable! So whenever you see me this year ask how is … going? #nopressure


I always like to give my whole year a name or title. Last year was the year of self-development and this year I am calling it the Year of Execution.

I often talk to a lot of millennials who have amazing ideas but are quashing them with their own self-doubt. Me included. In 2018, let’s take more action and less overthinking. Because there are no such thing as life-changing intentions. Whether your idea is starting your own company, writing your own book or posting on LinkedIn more, just do it! This is our mantra for 2018. Tweet me if you agree @MillennialMaryA.


Last year I made the pledge to myself to understand what healthy means to me. I read up more on the importance of healthy eating and exercising — mainly reading Dale Pinnock’s books — which are great and include the science on a topics as well as healthy recipes! As a result, exercising and eating right didn’t feel like a chore or something I wanted to do for Instagram but something anyone would do who really believed their body was a temple.

In 2018 I am committing to going to the gym at least three times a week (up from twice a week last year).


With social media algorithms which feed us content we will like and agree with, feeds which have us scrolling endlessly, I really really believe it is important to stay creative and original. In 2018, consider how much content you are consuming, not just whether it is the right content or not.

Creativity — Photo by on Unsplash

In 2018 I am starting each day writing down 10 ideas in a small notebook. I want to encourage my brain to think and imagine with no limits, which I probably haven’t really done since primary school. The 10 ideas may range from 10 names for if I created a fashion brand or 10 names I would name a pet fish or 10 things I would buy if I won the lottery today. I haven’t pre-decided the categories. The aim is for this to get my creative juices flowing in the morning.


In 2017, I realised that, I, Mary Agbesanwa, have too much stuff. Too many GCSE revision guides, too many clothes, too many unopened emails from 2015, too many things in my bag, too many name badges from events, way too many tabs open and too many things I am keeping for no reason.

In 2018, I am making a conscious effort to declutter and at the same time reduce how much stuff I buy. Do I really need to buy a new dress for every occasion? No. I can tell you how much to the nearest penny I spent on clothes last year and it is not cute at all. I’m not about to go all crazy minimalist and live out of one suitcase but I am going to learn how to decrease my emotional attachment for material items and get rid of a lot of stuff.


I am an awful sleeper. I won’t even tell you how many hours sleep I get on average but it is not good. In 2018 I am setting myself the target of 6 full hours sleep a night and being in bed an hour before I want to sleep. I am laughing as I write this because I’m not sure I can do this but I will try.

Doing Nothing

Probably in slight contrast to everything else written on this page. In 2018 I want to spend more time doing nothing.

When was the last time you sat down and just did nothing?

Not watching TV. Not scrolling through twitter. Not coming up with a to-do list. Nothing.

In a world that makes us feel a little bit guilty for not always being ‘on’ or hustling, it is important to take some time just to relax and do nothing.

Owning my work

When people say they read my blog or listened to my podcast, I am so shy and brush it off with this weird embarrassment. I don’t understand, did I not write it or create it?

In 2018, I want to take more ownership of my outputs and achievements. I also want to promote them more. I definitely do not write solely for other people but there is benefit in other people being motivated from my posts. I am also going to make more of a conscious effort to promote my work and the work of others that I know are putting in work. So many times people start a Youtube channel, make one video, tweet about it once and then cry that it only has 100 views. In reality studies have shown people need to see things at least 3 times on social media to engage with it. Prepare to see me more on your timeline in 2018. :)


In 2017, I really tired myself out by trying to be all things to all people. There is literally no point and you end up exhausted and somewhat snappy. Guys, there was literally a Saturday in 2017 when I attended 3 separate events in 3 separate locations in London. By the time I got to the last event I just wanted to sleep.


In 2018, I am creating a mental priotisation list of what matters to me most. As my uncle says ‘it is not every social event that you have to go to’ and it is also not every opportunity or request that has your name on it. So I guess I need to learn how to say no… More on this another time.

I hope you enjoyed this post on some relatively small changes I am making in this New Year. I am excited for what it will bring all of us. #YearofExecution

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