Introduction to the Mary Daly advent calendar

In the days of advent leading up to the christian holidays the tradition is that something is coming to be present.

We’re moving towards something.

We’re always moving towards something.

Whether there is cohesion, direction, or meaning to this movement is an open question.

But there is movement and it’s not all chaos. The sun rises and sets and a thousand other cycles continue to move in their particular ways.

The past 13 months have been dizzying.

What might we be coming towards this season?

As I sit here on my couch typing and reading and thinking I am a ripple of energy. What productive ripple of energy might I be? What movement am I?

#metoo is a sliver of a beginning. A sliver of a beginning of a shift in how we understand ourselves. We’re starting to openly recognize that the world is not a safe place for many many people. Just starting.

Through #metoo I have, for the first time in my life, begun to catalog the sexual assaults and insults I have experienced. The list is long.

And despite #metoo I am confident that few if any of the men who have raped, beaten, assaulted, harassed or insulted me and my sisters are authentically considering their actions.

Few (if any) of the apologies crack us open the way a true apology would. They come too quickly, protest too much, re-define experiences from their own perspectives….

And their words contain the unstated but present demand that we turn our hearts towards these men and be grateful they at least took some responsibility.

It’s really hard to authentically consider our responsibility.

Yet our responsibility is great. Each of us is responsible for a lot.

We haven’t cracked open yet.

We haven’t even begun to take apart what needs to be taken apart.

To live with the brokenness we need to live with.

And to let things come together in a new way — to build new bonds, bonds that won’t look anything like what we think they should look like from the vantage point of December 2017.

Mary Daly. Active in the 70’s through early 2000’s. Radical. Heart — breaking. Life — breaking.

If we’re going to light everything up and talk about the season for giving and move towards the arrival of something I’m going to do it with Mary Daly.

If we’re going to eat and drink and spend too much… I’m going to quote a woman who many of you will say is too much.

Let her be my indulgence. Might you make her your indulgence, too?

You will probably have some feelings about what you read.

My heart asks you to have them. To bear them. And to stay open.

Stories and charges are not enough. We need to be remade.

We need to break, to look and to come back together in a different way.

I’ll know we’ve done it when we spend at least six months with the hashtag #stillcrying.

So I’m waiting.

For a good arrival.

Something completely new.

Something about being and creativity and safety and the natural cycle of the seasons.

About listening, holding, receiving and fiercely protecting those less able to protect themselves.

I’ll post a quote from her every day of advent. I’ll post on Medium and my personal Facebook page.

She is coming.