Spoonie Secrets: Issue #10

A safe space for people with chronic illness where they can share deepest and darkest secrets anonymously.

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1. I sometimes miss having a broken pelvis because at least then people believed my pain and I had access to meds to make it better.

2. I can’t stand myself. I feel like I’m nothing more than the sum of my symptoms, and they’re torture.

3. How is anyone supposed to believe me when I have a hard time believing I really feel as awful as I do.

4. I can’t stand the bitterness that comes with being robbed day by day of what life could be. I can’t even make others lives better, I’m just trying to survive.

5. I wonder if I deserve better than this spoonie life. I know my family deserves better.

6. I hate people who refuse to even try to understand. I’m a compassionate and empathetic person by nature, but I find myself hating people who are “close” to me who refuse to try to understand what I have to struggle through. It’s so messed up.

7. I feel like my husband resents me because he has had to take on so much due to my multiple chronic conditions. I give my all everyday but the most I can manage in a day is 7 hours at a desk job and a few chores or making a meal at home. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful, supportive person, but I get so scared when I see his moments of frustration peek through.

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