Spoonie Secrets: Issue #13

A safe space for people with chronic illness where they can share deepest and darkest secrets anonymously.

Mary Gutierrez
May 4, 2019 · 2 min read

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1. I live in fear of my many check-ups. Am I healing as I should be? Will something new be found? Will I need a new surgery? Will they suggest more medication? How do I share the news with my friends and family?

2. I had a boyfriend for around 2 months, I didn’t tell him about my chronic illnesses until after we broke up.. now he’s like my best friend and we’re really close. But we can’t date again and I regret not telling him, I was afraid he would think I was some attention seeker and break up with me😪🤷🏼‍♀️

3. I constantly worry that I’m faking being ill.

4. Pain has taken so many things from me-including the will to live.

5. I didn’t tell you about my chronic illness ’cause I wanted you to treat me like anybody else.

6. I’m afraid to travel ’cause I don’t want others to see my embarrassing symptoms.

7. I’m scared right now because I just quit my job. I hope to find a new one that will fit my lifestyle and health issues.

Your Turn

Which confession resonates with you the most?

Do you have a chronic illness? What is your deepest secret? If you’re ready to share, send it (anonymously) here.

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Mary Gutierrez

Written by

I help women with chronic illness to shine and thrive. https://healthyeatingexperts.com

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