Do not stop calling and writing the government, elected officials or the White House. In fact, be more persistent. Send mail. Even better, write the mail on recyclables and send them. “Have you seen this idiot?” on a milk carton. If so, please do not return him.

— Stay informed. Stay educated. Do not turn a blind eye.

— Learn what Eminent Domain means. Stand firm against the govenment attempting to manipulate through corporate agendas. Do not let elected officials get away with lies. Confront them with calls; call them out.

— Learn how to talk to people who have different beliefs. Seek them out with respect and interest. Do not see yourself as separate. It is relationships which inspire change, not dogma or hubris.

— Be present in your community. Dig in deep. Make connections, find local groups. Find things that matter. GET INVOLVED IN LOCAL POLITICS. Put your money in a local credit union. Be aware of the places you shop and the products you buy — are they supporting prison labor, environmental disasters, sweat shops?

— Implore your democrats to wake -up! They need to stop pushing staid agendas, which are not promoting the needs of America.

— — Please stop yourself and others from pretending we can go back in time to 1950. It’s not gonna happen no matter how many EPA’s we deregulate, or abortion clinics we close, or twitter accounts we try to sanction. This is a new and different world. Women are more educated than men and earning more. Why are we allowing them to speak for us or our rights?

— Stop paying taxes. Time Magazine advises it!

— Know your rights. Demand your elected officials fight for them.

— Donate to movements fighting for our rights, and join class action lawsuits. I certainly hope Hilary is donating millions to Planned Parenthood!

—Continue to encourage the international community to get involved. Write their officials. We need to get Trump’s financial and tax records subpoenaed.

— Kill them with kindness. Even the clueless. Even the ignorant.

— Remember: flight or fight! Do not let fear weaken us. Let it make us stronger. Fear is weakening them which is why they are passing aggressive legislation to silence us. Read about the resistance during WWII.

It seems like we are the few — not true — we are the many. And we have the most to lose.